We are located at 956 W Newport, Chicago, IL 60657

Our advice: Don’t drive. Take a cab, an Uber, a Lift, the Clark Street bus (#22), the Red line train to Addison, or the Brown line train to Belmont.

Please also be very mindful of The Cubs home schedule as we are a 3 minute walk from the park and if the show you are coming to see coincides with a game you will have to allow extra time for arrival and likely pay for a parking lot if coming in a car. Again...cab, ride share, bus or The El.. you CAN get here!



But if you are coming by car buckle up for a lesson in Wrigleyville parking procedures! ....

Often people will contact the theater and ask about nearby parking. Parking around the theater is actually quite simple. Just follow these guidelines:

Parking before 6pm, Monday – Saturday?

Then the best place to park would be on a residential side street, marked in green. At 6pm you will need to move your car, since you need a residential parking permit to park there between 6pm and 6am.

Is it after 6pm, Monday – Saturday?

Then the best place to park would be either of the areas marked in yellow or orange on the map above. These are metered spots, but they are free after 6pm. They are often full by 7 or 8 pm, especially on the weekend. So you may want to look for a metered spot in the areas marked in red, blue or purple.

Parking on Sunday before 8pm?

Then the best places to park would be the areas marked in yellow or blue. These parking spots are free on Sunday. The meters on Clark Street and Sheffield (south of, but not north of, Newport) are enforced on Sundays until 8pm.

Is it after 8pm on Sunday?

Any metered spot should be free after 8pm on Sunday.

Parking after 9pm on Friday or Saturday or on a day when there is a Cubs game?

Then don’t park in the area marked in red on the map. That is a tow zone. There are meters which say you can park until 10pm there, but don’t believe it. You will receive a ticket and be towed after 9pm.

Parking between 5pm and 6pm on a day when there is a Cubs night game?

Then you can’t park on many of the streets marked in green, because those zones are only for residents with valid permits, starting at 5pm when there is a Cubs night game.

Parking at a meter for more than 2 hours?

You can, but you need to use the app for your phone and load it with your credit card (iOS/Android). You can put the maximum number of hours on the app and then 10 minutes before your time is up, you will get a notification. You can extend your parking for another couple of hours. There are various fees and restrictions which will make this seem more expensive than it should be and that might make you angry, but it’s less expensive than the various lots nearby.

What about parking at the $5 lot opposite the theater?

It’s fine, but the $5 price is misleading. It’s $5 for the first 30 minutes. It’s more like $20 or $25 if you want to park there all night.


What if your head hurts after reading this?

See wasn’t that simple? Thanks, Chicago, for making things so straightforward.